Saturday, February 2, 2008

Changing Jericho

As most of you know there was a time during the Save Jericho campaign when it became necessary for me to have three blogs so I could post assorted news and information about the campaign.

As we are ready to embark on our journey to Season 2 I feel some changes are in order. We won the campaign and Jericho will return soon. I feel that I am spread too thin to provide the depth of coverage I am now interested in pursuing.

Therefore, I am happy to announce that JerichoMonster will remain as the blog for Jericho news and information. Arabelle's Alley will, within the next week, become a blog focusing on TV in general as well as Social Networking. JerichoCentral will remain (for informational purposes) but I will not be updating it after today.

I hope you will all join me at JerichoMonster for more in depth discussions of the show. I appreciate your support and encouragement and look forward to seeing you at Arabelle's and the Monster.

Thank you.

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