Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Message From Jericho Rally Point

"With only seven days to go before Jericho returns its time to kick it into high gear!

Jericho needs you! Now is the time to start getting those new viewers, and old viewers, back to Jericho and make sure that we get a third season. Its time to go back to some of the lessons we learned back in May and go out there and spread the word.

Post on as many message boards as you can find. Post comments on blogs and articles. Digg It! In addition, come back to Jericho Rally Point and post links in the Jericho 2.0 ~ Promote Jericho forum that fellow Rangers can go to post and Digg as well. Visit the Visual Jericho board for printable materials you can hand out.

We are only going to get one shot at this so we have to make it count! Its time for Jericho fans to rally once more and work toward keeping Jericho on the air. We cannot sit back and wait because if we do it will be too late. So let’s all put our heads together and get the ideas flowing again.

Also, Jeritopia is having a week long Jericho Season 2 Premiere Pep Rally with special guests and chat nights. Come, join everyone, and show your support. The CBS board also needs a show of positive support from all Jericho fans. Let’s show new comers what being a part of the Jericho fandom is all about!"

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