Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jericho Coalition Fan Club Development

This is an invitation to all members of all the Jericho forums to participate in the building of a "fan club" as you, the fans, want.

The general concept behind all this is: everyone has a say.

To summarize:

1. Each forum has selected 5-10 members to represent the forum's membership.

Those forums are:

* Jericho Rally Point (JRP)
* Radio Free Jericho (RFJ)
* Nuts For Jericho (NFJ)
* Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

2. At each forum, all questions regarding a fan club will be posted and comments from the members will be collected by the reps of that forum and taken to the Jericho Coalition board.
The Coalition is not the Fan Club. Only the reps will be registered but anyone may view the discussions going on at any time.

3. Jericho Coalition is a site set up for the reps to meet, post the questions and feedback from the fans and then discuss each question in detail. This will allow the input from all the fans to be heard through their representatives via their message boards. Obviously, if you are a member of more than one board – you have multiple opportunities to make your opinions known.

4. After everyone’s input, and discussion, the reps will vote and the final tally will be reported. Eventually a board of directors and officers will be selected from the representatives by either the representatives or by the individual board memberships.

5. This process is repeated until all questions from you, the fans, are answered satisfactorily and decided on, a Board of Directors elected and fan club finalized.

The entire purpose of this is to have you, the fans, be a part of a great thing. We all worked together to bring Jericho back, and we can all work together to build a fan club, for and by everyone.

The links to all the forums are as follows:



Right now we are looking for initial questions as to how fans would like to see the Fan Club structured. The idea is to get all the questions out there and answered as best as possible so the brainstorming fun can start right away.

Going in we want everyone at peace with any lingering intitial questions or confusions so we can start rolling out the great ideas from everyone here as soon as possible.

To many of us this is new, but we are all fans and this is a wonderful opportunity to have our voices heard in the Development of a Fan Club, being developed for us, and by us for a show we all truly have a passion for.

Take some time over the weekend and google some fan club sites, surf around and take in of some things that you might like to see in this club. (no, I am not suggesting copyright infringement). Just see what these clubs offer their fans/members that pop up to you as being different, inviting, or even just "hey that's interesting". Think how any of these things might work in a fan made Jericho Fan Club. See something great, save the link, we'll all want to take a look and enjoy the idea with you.

Dues, Merchandise and Promotion are the main topic threads we'll be starting in order to solicit ideas from all over this board and we truly hope everyone loads us up with whatever they choose to throw out there.

Do you want to pay dues? Have both free and paying memberships? Would you want Jericho merchandise available for sale? How do you think the club should be promoted?

Let us know all your ideas and suggestions. They're all important.

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