Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Blog StraightTalk On Bumpzee
Next Mon. (Aug. 6)
"BlogStraightTalk is a weekly discussion on the best and worst of blogging content practices, presented in a contrarian format (eg. Ebert & Roper or Kornheiser & Wilbon).

We'll alternate the discussion between best/worst concepts and blogs (or social media) reviews. The basic concept is to open up a discussion among experienced bloggers while allowing those who are newer to social media to gain insights into content development.

Anyone can join as a member of the community and participate in the discussion. Members who have established blogs (with at least 10 posts that positively contribute to the development of social media) may be added to the blog roll."
They let me join so come on. Let's have a full house.

Voting For Jericho

Lots of polls need votes for Jericho. I've listed them all here. Please vote!!

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