Monday, July 23, 2007

Jericho: Second Season Filming

According to the producers who were on Shaun's show last Friday there will be a lot of press on the set of Jericho starting today during the first day of shooting. He mentioned Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, and Access Hollywood. So, it may be a good idea to check your local listings for these shows to check for Jericho coverage. I will also be keeping a list here of all articles/blogs, etc. I will add more as they come in but here's one you don't want to miss:

"TV Measurement Comes Up Short
Most Agree the Payment Model Is Broken; They Just Differ on How to Fix It"
By Brian Steinberg
AdAge: July 23, 2007

Talks about how Jericho was canceled because CBS had not realized how many people were watching on the Web and on DVR's.

Here's an interesting quote:
"What galls him (Leslie Moonves) is that those audiences aren't helping networks as much as their executives might like. "Jericho" fans need to "show up on the television," Mr. Moonves scolded. "That's how we get paid."
Well, well, Mr. Moonves. We are here but we aren't being counted!
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Great article titled " TV Ratings and Online Audiences". Comment


Enoreios said...

Thanks for pointing out the article-- I'd miss a whole lot of news were it not for your daily roundups!

Obviously, how advertisers and networks should count viewers is really a tough issue! I'm not a Nielson household, I don't own a TiVo, and I don't have a cable company owned DVR... I use BeyondTV with a video capture card on my computer. [Despite having a decent TV in the living room that I can watch my recorded programming on, I prefer watching it on my LCD screen, but that's irrelevant.]

The point is, BeyondTV and other such solutions collect (albeit voluntary) data on such sites as BeyondTV Buzz , and I'm pretty sure a network could make a very low cost deal with them-- and many other sites like them-- to get their raw numbers. And in a statistical sense, if some basic demographic info is incorporated into the numbers provided by smaller data samples, (volunteers included), the aggregate viewing numbers will be quite representative. In fact, "ground truth" accuracy may increase. These realities have been a fact of life in medical/public health research for quite a while, and epidemiology is a highly respected part of evidence based medicine. (I realize that this isn't a perfect comparison, but it is somewhat instructive!)

What bothers me is that the criteria listed in the article are far from comprehensive, and not likely representative. But, I guess, it is a start.

Ah well, no need to extend my rant beyond what I've already written...

Honestly, all I really intended to say was thanks for aggregating each day's Jericho related news!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you for visiting, commenting, and telling me something new. I'll check out BeyondTVBuzz.
The more I read about Nielsen's the more problems I see. The networks blame the advertisers who say Nielsen's have always worked for them. I don't see that it would hurt a thing to use more than one company.
Especially now that I know how you watch.
Thank you for the compliment.I hope you'll visit every day.