Monday, July 30, 2007

Jericho and The Universe
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Yesterday, Rich at Copywrite Ink "launched an unofficial Expanded Universe Short Story Competition fan fiction contest to promote Jericho for the fans, expand its universe (outside of the town where it largely takes place on television), and demonstrate the possibilities of its rich story line."

In today's blog, " Writing Fan Fiction: Richard Becker", Rich writes his own story. It can't be submitted to the contest and that's a good thing. Why? Because it is a great story. You did well, Rich.

Photos from Comic Con of Jericho cast:
Beth Grant/Gracie

Jericho's Siena Goines/Sara

Blog by Phillip Palmer.
He's the Production Sound Mixer for Jericho. Nice blog.

Television Rocker Report
Lots of TV news and Jericho too.

" Jericho Doing Well In Reruns" Digg/Vote

Amazon- Purchase individual episodes of Jericho for $1.99 each.

Message/Photo from Ashley Scott to fans plus blogging from Comic Con.

SDCC 07: "Jericho hits DVD
We go "nuts" for DVD and season-two news!"

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