Thursday, July 12, 2007

Typo Generator

I got an interesting email from Jayde today:

"Targeting the proper MISSPELLED keywords is another strategy that can ensure search engine success. Correctly targeting these words can work wonders for online campaigns because not every search engine user is a good speller. With that in mind, we have just the tool for you called the Typo Generator.

Simply enter the keyword(s) you currently target, select the style of misspelling desired and the tool does the rest by returning a list of incorrect keywords you should consider focusing on."

I hadn't really thought much about this until I got the email. I think you'll also find it of interest.


eagerblogger said...

I'm a victim of this too. I'd like to believe I'm a good speller :) but sometimes my fingers just can't seem to get it if they're required to type fast. :)

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you for your comment.