Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Behaviors Changing Online

In an article titled "Analyzing Customer Data
Changing Behaviors Online" Jason Burby explains how the Web is changing and how individuals use of the Web has changed significantly. He states that people don't research our products, services, or offerings on just our site. They're also using sites like eBay, CNet, Epinions, blogs, news articles, and more.

" People also form opinions through other brand experiences, conversations, and friends. Again, these experiences can occur online on sites such as YouTube, over blogs, through conversations, and so on. The way people research, create perceptions, and make decisions continues to evolve."

He also states that "Just over the past 24 months, increasingly more people have began to use blogs as information sources. Companies are trying to figure out how to leverage these changing behaviors and to use sites like YouTube to influence customers."
Burby says we have to "understand how they use our sites in conjunction with other sites and interactions, both online and off-. We must better understand our customers, what they think, why they make decisions, who their influencers are, and how best to communicate with them."

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chaosgone said...

Blogs and YouTube can be a good starting point for hearing about new products on the market. However, once I have heard of something new, I would do further research.