Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jericho, Water Bottles, and More

New from CBS:

Jericho: The Real Salty Scoop

It's the first official Jericho Blog hosted by your Producers, Writers and Cast. This will give the greatest fans in TV history a behind-the-scenes look into Jericho and the Jericho production process. We will blog about our days on set, plans for season 2, fun stories from the backlot, links to our favorite websites and upcoming events.

Pictures and videos will be attached so you can take a look at what we are up to on a daily basis. We will even blog from Comic-con on our mobile phones. And this is just the beginning.

CBS.com has so much more in store for Jericho Season 2. So enjoy this feature because you deserve it... as Jeff Braverman says - it sometimes takes twenty tons of peanuts to get the job done. You did it.

Much love,

Carol Barbee, Karim Zreik and Dan Shotz

Have you heard the Water Bottle Story? Check it out. Photos too.

Esai Morales will take a recurring role on CBS' resurrected midseason drama "Jericho."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Morales has contracted for six of this season's scheduled seven episodes of "Jericho."

Morales will be playing a career military officer who hasn't heard from his wife since the nuclear attacks that started the show's first season. The trade paper offers no explanation for how Morales' Col. Hoffman will tie into the lives of the struggling community of Jericho.