Friday, July 27, 2007

For Jericho Fans: It's Friday

Does Tivo Kill Science Fiction TV?

Mike Loomer the On-Set Dresser for Jericho has an interesting article on The Salty Scoop blog.

NEW!! gives you an excellent chance to express what you are a fan of. You can post messages and participate in discussions as well as add links to different web sites that relate to a particular entity. Everything you can be a fan of is called an Entity at Come join the Jericho group!

Email Campaign!

What is this all about?

If you use Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, or a company email system you have the power to promote Jericho. What this campaign for the month of August is to add on any of your emails is a one line about Jericho and point it to the website.

EX: P.s. Check out my favorite show! Jericho! Click here! (

That's all you have to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Every time you send a email to a friend, family, or client they might just wonder onto the site and get hooked on Jericho.
Current goal for this campaign: To get 1,000 people to have this small little message on their email signature!
This campaign will end on 8/31/07 or when we hit 1,000!

Another New Poll-- Jericho only has 33 votes
Please Vote!

Thurber's Comic-Con Update with photos
Comment? Please be nice/No Clay Bashing

Jeff of Nutsonline Tells It Like It Is:




Thank you for mentioning All Jericho fans are welcome to join!

Unfortunately the link does not work. Could you please fix that?

Thanks again.

George S.

The Founder

Jericho Saved said...

Hi George,
Fixed. Thanks for coming over here to let me know. This is a really unique site for fans and I predict great growth.
Thank you.