Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Link Popularity and Page Rank

Bill Platt has written a great article about called The Roller Coaster of Link Popularity. I read messages every day about people who want it but don't know how to get it. Bill explains that
link popularity is basically a count of how many web pages point to one of your web pages.

Often associated with link popularity is Page Rank. People are confused about this one too. Page Rank is the value Google gives to every web page on the Net.
Bill lists 12 possible rankings although I won't mention them all here.

"PageRank (PR) is a Google tool that expands on the simplest link popularity calculation. PageRank is a value given to every web page on the Internet, with 12 possible rankings." Here's an example:
PR0 means the page has been added to Google's database but the page has no rank. To get ranked you need pages of higher PR linked to it.

Read the article to learn more about links, traffic, and PR. Bill also discusses
"the inner-workings of what is happening to their link popularity and search engine placements."
Be sure to read his take on Press Releases, article marketing, and Google's Main Index and Supplemental Listings. I found the article to be quite informative.

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