Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Acts Of Kindness: My Favorites

Some of my favorites from BlogCatalog's Acts of Kindness posts of

"We purchased five books yesterday. And randomly selected five different cities. Within those cities, we chose five random addresses. And today, all five books will be packaged and placed in the mail. Five random acts of kindness."

"As my act of kindness, from this point on, I would like to use my blog as a tribute to all rescued cats and dogs and the people who gave them a new life. These animals have experienced being lost, mistreated, abandoned, usually spent time at local shelters and/or rescue groups, and then adjusted to their new permanent home. They've been through so much in their short lives, and I admire their adaptability."

"Early in the Fall, a skinny, scrawny, white cat showed up in our yard. She was just about the most pitiful looking cat my husband and I have ever seen. She was obviously starving and our hearts went out to her.........."

"Whether they be random or planned, acts of kindness happen rarely. However, when they're thrown out there, they really make a difference in people's lives, no matter how little or monumental these selfless acts are."

"I have over the past week I decided to focus on acts of kindness for the earth. I thought the earth could do with some acts of kindness, so the beauty I enjoy is here for generations to come.

My concentration has been on collecting any litter that is left lying around the beach where I walk and swim each day."

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