Friday, December 14, 2007

Moonves: Stir It Up

Thanks to RubberPoultry for the graphic.

"CBS CEO Les Moonves stirred up the easily stirred Parents Television Council last week when he suggested Showtime's "Dexter" might find its way to network audiences this season.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Moonves told reporters at a New York media conference that the series about a serial killer with standards "fits in with our crime shows," and that "with some edits," it could be ready for prime time.

Since it's hard to imagine that Moonves, whose grasp of what is and isn't going to work for CBS is generally pretty good, hasn't noticed that most of those CBS crime shows are about people who are trying to catch serial killers, not keep them killing, I'm going to pass this one off as writers strike bluster from a guy whose network could be in trouble."

"Hollywood union strikes have never been a dainty affair. On one side, you usually have powerful people with tons of money and even weightier egos. On the other side, you often have famous people (who also happen to have some money and fair-sized egos) and people who aspire to be famous (and one day have the wealth and ego-boost that fame brings). So as the writers' strike heads toward its seventh week with no end in sight, you know there won't be a quick, easy, or quiet end to the walkout called by the 8,000-member Writers Guild of America.

Indeed, it looks as if studio executives are prepared to wait out the writers for weeks, months, maybe more. For those of us at home, that means more warmed-over reruns and reality shows no self-respecting cable channel would dare offer under normal circumstances."

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