Friday, December 28, 2007

Jericho: History Revisited

"Jericho" was a show that started as a hit, and was expected to be on for some time to come. It had some great acting talent in the form of Gerald McRaney and Skeet Ulrich, and a powerful story that was completely different from anything else on television.

However, CBS thought it would follow the lead of other networks and try something different -- why not give it a long winter hiatus, and make viewers clamor for it even more in the spring.

It was a gamble that nearly cost "Jericho" its life. By the time the show returned, viewers who were interested had moved on to other things, and the audiences were only a fraction of what they were. CBS pulled the plug, and the rest was history."

"What if you lived in a small town and suddenly the entire town is cut off from the rest of the world? When a nuclear cloud is spotted off in the distance, the town of Jericho, Kansas is led to believe the worst has happened and they may be the only people left alive. WATCH JERICHO ON CBS WHEN IT RETURNS IN 2008."

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