Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jericho Rally Point

"Happy Holidays From Jericho Rally Point!! Here's what's going on.Jericho Season 2 Promo Video. Visit the Season Two board for Jericho Season 2 spoilers. Jericho is #2 in SyFy Portal's Top Newsmakers of 2007. Social Networking. Do you have a blog, Myspace, Facebook, Live Journal or any other place online to help promote Jericho? And much more at JRP."

"Jericho (CBS, Feb. 12): Did you know broadcast television networks will let you have a whole show for the low, low price of 20 tons of legumes and tree nuts? It's true, and as such, the postapocalyptic drama Jericho has been magically resurrected after its ignominous cancellation in the spring of 2007. Back for seven all-new episodes, the show has shed Gerald McRaney and Pamela Reed as the parental units and reportedly features a stronger military angle and more engagement with the outside world. It should be the, uh, bomb."

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