Friday, March 7, 2008

Jericho: Sedition and More

"CBS today posted the press releases for the next two episodes of Jericho, named “Termination for Cause” and “Sedition.” I’ll let you read through them and find the surprises yourselves, but please take a special note of the guest cast in “Sedition.”

"As a filmmaker, I truly appreciate the films and television shows that are able to take me out of the “business” and into the story. Jericho is one of those shows and that is why I am happy to tell everyone about it. 24 captured an audience with excellent writing, acting, producing, directing, and a unique story. With Jack Bauer not returning until January of 2009, Jericho is set even more so now to capture a number of the audience that once faithfully tuned into 24. Hopefully, CBS will market the next three episodes well, run the series again during the summer to capture a greater audience, and then come back in the fall with a full season of episodes."

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