Saturday, March 1, 2008

CBS: Not Most Watched

I think Moonves and CBS need to open some eyes.

"If you spend any time watching CBS you’ll hear them celebrate the fact that CBS is the most watched network. It’s no longer true though. FOX is the most watched network in primetime and its lead is growing.

CBS can certainly proclaim “The MOST watched network among people age 55 and over!”, but outside of that, Les Moonves and the crew at the Eye network have nothing to crow about."

"Not knowing is better than knowing bad news, but seriously, the suspense over the future life or death of “Friday Night Lights”has become excruciating.

To ease the tension, ardent fans are on the march, hoping to force NBC to give “Lights” a chance. Some 40,000 pounds of peanuts saved CBS’s “Jericho,” but will thousands of plastic footballs do the trick for “Lights?”

That’s the goal of the official rescue Web site,, which urges supporters to swamp the office of NBC entertainment chief Ben Silverman with petitions and, yep, little toy footballs. As of mid-February, about 7,000 mini-footballs had been tossed the waffling execs way."

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