Monday, March 17, 2008

Changing Television

"Television, as we know it, is changing as we know it. Think about it. Talk to anyone who was born before Television even existed and they’ll tell you how much it’s changed since its inception. Talk to anyone who was born within the last 40 years, and they’ll tell you things have changed since even they’ve been around. Color television was only introduced into households in the mid 1950’s early 1960’s, but very few shows were actually filmed and broadcast in color, though NBC’s ‘Ford Theatre’ became the first color filmed series in October 1954."

" There are so many websites with LOST theories. Almost every little detail is analyzed and each time I read a new theory I discover meaning behind things I didn’t even notice.

And of course no one knows if he or she is right.

What we experience is, I think, one big puzzle (”Second Degree White Belt Sudoko“). So if you want to read up on some theories and have your own brilliant ideas, you absolutely need to check first “what is already know”, unfortunately that is more than a day-task. Here is a by-far-not-complete-list of 20 LOST sites that you can scan completely for info. On these sites you will find links to dozens of other (official) LOST sites and communities."

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