Monday, March 3, 2008

Watching Journeyman

Here's a brief interview with Kricka who loves Jericho and Journeyman. I appreciate her comments and will have more from other fans this week.

1. What makes you love Journeyman?

For me, Journeyman was one of those shows that got lost in the mix of new shows this season. I had wanted to catch it because I love a good time travel story. So, I checked it out online and was hooked right from the start. Kevin McKidd as Dan Vasser had a strength and kindness, and a strong love for his family that I found very appealing. As the season went on, the stories became more twisty and we started to get some very interesting answers to his time travel, and his reasons to try and help these people. Many people compared this show to Quantum Leap at the beginning (as did I), but it was so much more than that, because Dan had a whole life and family that directly impacted his new ability to travel. And, like most shows I come to love, it is smart, it is real, and it was obviously conceived by someone (Kevin Falls) who was just as invested in the characters and story and I was.

2. Can people watch episodes online? Where?

Unfortunately, has pulled the full episodes from their site, but all 13 episodes that were produced can be found for free on and on, and are still for sale on iTunes and Amazon's Unbox.

3. Why does Journeyman deserve another chance?

The creator, Kevin Falls, gave us a big present by wrapping up some of the questions in the 13th episode, for fear that the show wouldn't make it past the original 13 episode order, but he did leave plenty of room for more. After watching all 13 several times (I can't help it, when I get obsessed, I am obsessed), I am sick to death of really good shows being yanked without any effort from the networks. NBC smashed us over the head again and again with the Bionic Woman, a show that was seriously flawed and never seemed to recover, yet they barely even mentioned Journeyman right from the start. By the last few episodes, it was as if NBC didn't even know it was still on! The show never really got a chance, and I really think it deserved one. TV viewers do want good TV. There is definitely an audience for a show like this if it had been promoted at all by NBC. NBC has gotten a rep for giving good shows a shot (see: Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, et al), and I wish they hadn't just shoved this one under the rug.

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AmyV said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Erika. I have to be honest, I almost deleted the show from my DVR planned recordings after a few episodes, but then my investment paid off. Something about the "next week on..." teaser reeled me back in and I watched for one more week and I was completely hooked. It was a kind of complex show and the comparisons to Quantum Leap (yep, I made 'em, too) probably hurt it. And its complexity hurt it at the beginning, too. People needed more time to really get invested in it.

By season's end, it was such a fascinating show with so much depth and such an incredible cast that it was criminal that it was being canceled. Falls did right by the fans, though, at least answering some of the questions well enough that if it were to truly be the end, we could live with it.

I would, however, be much happier to live with another season of Journeyman.