Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jericho: Episodes and Clips

"Using DVR and TiVo does help. Remember CBS shows are advertiser supported shows and so skipping though commercials means the advertisers can more easily ignore you. On the other hand they can’t tell if you’re off making a quick snack or got up to let the dog out. Ratings track how far after the air date a show is viewed and the sooner the better. When possible try to watch in the first three days, and failing that within the first seven.

Online viewing of episodes has CBS’ attention (and the Jericho writers actually get paid for them now). Episodes and clips can be viewed here.

SciFi Channel shows confidence in Jericho by turning over this Friday’s lineup to Jericho.

Starting at 8/7c this Friday SciFi airs Jericho for four full hours of primetime programming. The episodes start with Rogue River, Crossroads, Red Flag, and end with Vox Populi.

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