Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What The Networks Claim

"So, if, as the networks claim, downloading and streaming episodes online amounts to promotional activity (which is why they're saying they shouldn't have to give the writers a percentage of the profits), then:

1) it shouldn't be illegal to download from free sources (because it's just a commercial, after all),

2) why are they being paid by advertisers to air their ads during streaming episodes, and

3) we who have paid to download episodes legally should demand a refund. No one should have to pay to download a commercial."

"Just got word that Supernatural is launching an official magazine.

The first issue will have interviews with Eric Kripke, Kim Manners, Alona Tal, and Katie Cassidy, as well as a story about creating the effects for the series.

Interestingly, the issue will feature 2 different covers - one for the newstand and one for specialist comic shops."

Here’s some odds and ends from strike news.

"CBS news writers, who have been working under an expired contract for the past two years, are threatening to join their WGA brethren (and low-level tv bloggers) and go on strike before week’s end. “About 500 unionized news writers could soon join their creative colleagues on the picket line”, reports HuffPo.

In response, CBS released a statement saying they are “prepared for the possibility of a writers strike [and] will continue to produce quality news programming.”

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