Thursday, November 1, 2007

CBS,NBC,and Content

"Oh, I love my vampire!" CBS President of Entertainment Nina Tassler said recently, beginning a conversation about her network's new drama, "Moonlight."

Clearly, she must. No other TV show this fall has experienced as much turbulence as "Moonlight." But through all of the changes in the executive producing ranks, the cast and the show's framework, CBS hasn't budged in its support, scheduling it in between its reliable Friday-night fare, "Ghost Whisperer" and "Numb3rs."

Hey Nielsen Interviews JerichoMonster:

"In addition to being vocal and viral champions for their favorite show, the Jericho Monster crew have also proven themselves to be great community builders and a resource of information on TV and entertainment across the board. At a conference just last week on Consumer Generated Media hosted by our siblings at Nielsen Online, more than one TV exec spoke about the power of fan blogs and forums... and how they had all learned something from their passion and their approach."

"Beth Comstock, president of NBC Universal Integrated Media, told American Magazine Conference attendees today that we now spend more time with media than we spend sleeping.

Digital video recorders, the source of the most anxiety for companies like NBC Universal have only reached 22% penetration, according to NBC's research. But of course that number is growing rapidly. "It's causing a lot of anxiety in our world," she said.

This all reflects the many, many quick changes affecting the media business, but that's all right, she said, calling this a "golden age" of media. "It's a great thing to be a content company in the digital age," she said. "Content is always going to win."


auntvonna said...

I like Moonlight and I'm glad CBS is standing behind it. I only wish they had gone the extra mile for Jericho to begin with...

Rich said...

Beth Comstock is pretty smart.

Now if only she could convince her team to kiss and makeup with Apple iTunes, they'd be golden.