Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Dresden Files View-In

"As we know, Sci-Fi's posted schedule was incorrect and the Dresden Files did NOT air on November 9th, but the View-In was a big success with 252 comments posted in 1-1/2 hours!!!

On November 16th, as supported by all the media TV schedules, the Sci-Fi Channel is finally airing the first repeat of the Dresden Files since the end of Season 1 - it's time to form our own full-scale peaceful protest of the Dresden Files' non-renewal!

Since we fans are scattered across the country and the world, our only option for a Sit-In is a virtual one,

SO once again:

ALL Dresden Files fans are invited, encouraged, and requested to converge on the scifi.com/Dresden Forum on November 16th at 6:45 PM ET for a full-scale Dresden Files View-In!

NOTE: For new scifi.com forum users, it's a good idea to create an account a few days early so you'll be able to post.

We may not have Nielsen boxes, but Sci-Fi is paid for ads posted on their website, and therefore keeps track of the 'traffic' the site receives. So let's show them the power of the Dresden Files fans and the magic of Harry & Bob!!

This View-In we'll actually get to watch the episode while we laugh and have fun, trade comment posts with fellow fans, and most importantly show the Sci-Fi Channel execs and the media, by the SHEER NUMBER of us logged on and posting, that the Dresden Files IS loved & supported by a HUGE fanbase and will continue to be so during Season 2+!!!"

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