Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jericho, Moonves, and Jared Padalecki

"CBS Corp. told Wall Street on Thursday that it was ready in the event of a writers strike.

"We are prepared," CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said Thursday afternoon in a conference call to discuss earnings. "We have a full slate of new, first-run programming ready to go, both now and midseason.

Moonves added: "We're fully prepared to offer alternative programming options, and we would anticipate no material impact on the company for the remainder of the television season."

"After deciding unanimously last night to recommend a strike to their elected leaders today, the Writers Guild of America's board will convene in less than an hour to enter the launch codes for the nuclear option: the first writers strike in nearly 20 years.

The fateful date, WGA leaders have indicated, will be Monday, failing a weekend of digital detente between scribes and the film studios and TV networks that make up the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. "

Steve Ciabattoni is Sr. Content Mgr. for Hey Nielsen. He's the person who writes the blog and answers emails so quickly. I'm sure he does much more than that but I'm not privy to his job description.

Up Close with Supernatural's Jared Padalecki: Part 1

"Joss Whedon has snagged a seven-episode order for a very cool sci-fi series on Fox, called Dollhouse.

The Hollywood Reporter says the show stars Dushku stars “as Echo, a member of a
group of men and women who are imprinted with different personalities for different assignments. In between tasks they are mind-wiped, living like children in Dollhouse, a futuristic dorm/lab. They have no memories of their previous lives, until Echo begins to try to find out who she was.”

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