Sunday, November 11, 2007

Understanding the WGA Strike

Understanding The Writers Guild Strike

"I live in Los Angeles and I know a lot of TV writers, guys who have written for shows such as The Family Guy. I know a guy who wrote for Saturday Night Live for many years. And let me tell you something: These guys are not rich. They aren’t driving around in Ferraris, they aren’t living in huge mansions overlooking the ocean, they aren’t wearing expensive clothes. Residuals are often the only way these writers can make a decent living doing what they love."

"I miss the Dresden Files. I was thinking about my upcoming weekend, it used to be that I capped off the weekend by watching the Dresden Files on the SciFi channel on Sunday nights. This was a great crime drama centered around the premise that a modern day wizard could help the local PD solve murders through magic. Often times it turned out that the crimes themselves were of a magical nature."

"TiVo Inc. will add demographic data about its viewers to help advertisers get a clearer picture of who's watching and who's skipping the ads, according to reports Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal said Alviso-based TiVo's (NASDAQ:TIVO) new program, called "PowerWatch," will include information on 20,000 homes, a much larger slice than the sample size of 3,000 homes offered by Nielsen's ratings research."

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