Saturday, November 10, 2007

Extraordinary Heroes

"If you have missed "Heroes," the NBC Monday-night series about a group of people with extraordinary capabilities, then you have missed everything, which is to say, you have missed a show that exempts almost no subject of current political or social fascination from the roster of its interests.

More than a quarter of the way into the second season, the ratings have slipped somewhat, but it remains the most engaged drama on television at the moment, a big hand with fingers dangling in every pot."

"Variety reports that Supernatural picked up its best ratings of the year, both overall and in the 18-34 group.

And just in case you - somehow - missed it, there's a Hollywood writer's strike going on. Several sources have said that most shows have stockpiled enough scripts to finish out the season. Firefox news posted a link to an article in the LA Times saying that Supernatural only has about 10-12 finished scripts, with 5 more roughly finished."

"Miss “Veronica Mars,” Kristen Bell, will be lending her talents to Ubisoft’s upcoming historical-fantasy game, “Assassin’s Creed.”

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