Monday, November 5, 2007

All Fandoms: It Isn't Easy

I would like to thank Zarina of for allowing me to publish this.
Even though she wrote this for Dresden fans I believe all fans of all TV shows can benefit from reading it.

We’re all angry at the Sci-Fi Channel/NBC and many of us have voiced our anger here and on other forums, sharing our frustration at being ignored and being taken for granted. We blow off a little steam, release a little anger, and feel a little better.

The Dresden Files isn’t the first intelligent, quality series with a strong following that has been disregarded or cancelled. We are not the first group of fans who have been ignored and discounted by the execs of the entertainment and advertising industry. We all know this, but do we know WHY?

Why must this battle be fought again & again? Why is it so easy for the execs of any industry to ignore the consumer?

Because it’s easy to be angry.

It’s easy to gripe with friends, coworkers, and family members. It’s easy to complain and declare the unjustness of the system after school or work, or while at our child’s ballgame or hockey practice. It’s easy to blog about it, or discuss it on forums with folks of like mind. It’s easy.

What ISN’T easy is doing something about it.

It isn’t easy, with our ridiculously busy lives, to take that frustration and anger and focus it into positive action. If it were easy, the next time there was a protest march or fundraising walk, instead of 1,000 or 10,000 participants there would be 10 million!

It isn’t easy – and the industry knows this. The execs believe that if they wait long enough, ignore us long enough, that we will eventually lose interest, lose momentum, give up, and fade quietly away as they continue with business as usual. They lose some customers for a while until they find the next big ‘IT’ to bring folks flocking back and to attract the next generation of viewers who don’t know their record of horrible customer service.

Because doing nothing is also easy.

We’ve seen the success stories like Jericho, Farscape, and Firefly – successes won entirely due to the concerted efforts of the percentage of fans who said, ‘This isn’t easy, but I’m doing it anyway!’ We fans of the Dresden Files are faced with exactly the same question every single person who disagrees with mistreatment faces:

Are we – personally, individually – going to deal with this the easy way and accept how we’re treated, and move on? Or are we – each – going to stand up or stand firm, work or continue to work for what we want, and say, “This isn’t easy, but I’m doing it anyway!”

This is one of those very few times when every single one of us is important, when the actions of every single one of us counts! The success or failure of the Save Dresden Campaign depends on each and every one of us choosing to fight and continue to fight for the return of the Dresden Files and for our rights as consumers to be treated fairly and with respect!!

I want to thank each and every person who has posted comments on articles, written letters to newspapers, made their presence known in blogs and on forums, and written e-mails to websites! Thanks to everyone who made videos, e-banners, bookmarks, icons, t-shirts, and pins! Thanks to everyone who has recruited family and friends, voted and rated, and cheered their fellow campaigners! Thank you for every single card, postcard, and letter written to Lionsgate, Sci-Fi, NBC, and GE! Thank you for taking that hard path and thank you again and again for sticking with it!! Unending thanks to everyone who says: “This isn’t easy, but I’m doing it anyway!”

The path may be hard, but it’s worth it! We CAN do it. We CAN be heard. We CAN succeed!


Briarpatch said...

This was a great article, Jane. I agree, it is important information for all of us. The main thing I was so proud of was that we stuck it out, fought the fight, and didn't give up. Corporate America believes we are all sheep and that we are too dumb to object to the bad service they continue to hand out. Thanks for this.
Briarpatch/Charlene in Mississippi

AmyV said...

I have to admit, I was totally shocked when Dresden Files wasn't picked up for a second season. I watched the whole first season and really enjoyed it.

It was clever, well-written, well-acted and just plain fun.

I was a bit relieved when Painkiller Jane and Flash Gordon weren't renewed, because if either one of those had been and Dresden hadn't, I would have been convinced that someone had spiked the drinks over at SciFi/NBC Universal.

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks Briar and Amy,

I think the only spiked drinks are over at CBS.

Allen said...

It is very frustrating to have a show that you think is excellent and outstanding, cancelled. The Dresden Files has more support and is gathering support every day. Hopefully it will get a new chance. People think Harry Dresden is dead, LONG LIVE HARRY!

Alexandria said...

Well said...We do want to do something to change this situation. It's just very frustrating when we seem to not be having any impact.

Jericho Saved said...

Here's a way to try to have impact: