Friday, October 19, 2007

The Jericho Community

I'd like to thank Geoff Livingston at the BuzzBin for posting the interview he recently did with me concerning Jericho.

" Saving Jericho: A Show and Its Community"

You can read it here.

"Until this week, it was assumed that ABC had won the ratings battle for the first week of the new fall season. But now that they've counted DVR playback, it looks like it was actually CBS that won that week."

"Forget trying to figure out what everyone's watching. Today, the more important question is: Where are they watching? And a pair of studies released yesterday agreed that "where" is more and more often online.

In fact, almost 16% of internet households watch TV online, which is almost double the number from a year ago, according to the Conference Board and TNS's TV online study. In-Stat's broader video online study noted that all online video viewing is growing, with the majority of its respondents believing it will become "mainstream."

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